Tom Glover

Head of Transactions, EMEA, JLL

A self-proclaimed “tech junkie” Tom has been working in the IT sector for over 25 years, starting out with software application and technology layers such as machine learning, early day AI, business rules and algorithmic trading platforms before progressing to TCM and core banking applications. In 2009 he was lured to the dark side of data centres by David Ruberg with the role of leading Interxion’s international business development. During his tenure he and the team grew the business and share price by over 300%.

Over the last 12 years Tom has overseen and steered data centre transactions worth over $10bn of value and worked with occupiers, hyperscalers, developers, landowners, governments and institutional investors in this dynamic sector.

In his current role at JLL Tom is leading their EMEA data centre transactional business line across EMEA. In a recent poll (+170 replies) he observed that sustainability in the data centre arena was the #1 challenge with resource (human capital) a close second. Tom believes that the data centre community has a responsibility to ensure quality data centre products are combined with best practices in achieving sustainability and in bringing into the sector as many “tech junkies” as possible. In a recent panel discussion, he was quoted as saying “the digital digital economy is not growing, it’s exploding, and data centres are the bed rock foundation needed to support this!”