Riza Taufan

Head of Data Center & Network, Bukalapak

Riza leads and oversees the Data Center and Network team in planning, installations, maintenance, and operations of the hardware side of Bukalapak’s server and networks. He ensures that the data center, network technology and cloud solutions are up to date and at par with user insights and best practices.
Prior to joining Bukalapak, Riza spent 17 years in in the mobile telecommunication industry: occupying a variety of positions starting from product management, pre-sales, and network design for mobile networks. He is practiced in creating strategic decisions that has increased the overall competitive position of the company he has worked for in ICT industry. He is also hands-on, competent and credible at highly-skilled technologies, particularly at EPC and data networks that includes handling annual budget for nationwide network deployment (CAPEX) and budget network operations (OPEX).
A note-worthy achievement, Riza has also made great contributions in normalizing broadband data for Indonesians by developing LTE technology and elevate mobile data volume by three folds in just a year.

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