Reynaldo Gil

Partner & CTO, Paleo Technology Group

Reynaldo is an AI-Cloud IT engineer and social impact architect with current expertise in game-based learning, mixed reality, and VR diversity training programs. With over 228 patent citations, he is a notable cloud computing pioneer in industrial supply chains. Reynaldo built the world's first Industrial Internet using smart contracts, and the world's first multi-company, highly scalable bare metal data center. He specializes in implementing programs for IT, Cybersecurity, Energy Systems, and Broadband/Wireless Technician Skills, as well as Metro Edge Data Center Infrastructures, Commercial/Residential Facilities, and Industrial Supply Chains.

Reynaldo has a multicultural IT experience and taught many programs. He has consulted with the Air Force Academy in Colorado leading an innovation team to identify security threats on campus. He has traveled the world, solving IT infrastructure and software issues for Global 1000 organizations while establishing technical training centers in various countries.

He is recognized as a top .01% Innovator and served as a Stanford Scholar and Reviewer for Cybersecurity Standards-NIST. He architected an animal/human disease surveillance IT system used by rural clinics in China in 2010 and developed embedded web caches used by Intel/Microsoft to demonstrate futuristic Mobile Windows Internet concept devices.

Reynaldo introduced Netbooks into a Latino school and is the founder/CTO of WorldChain, which has affected many industries. Four of his patents have hundreds of Global 500 company citations and have been cited in nine global textbooks and 12 journals. WorldChain saved the tech industry hundreds of millions of dollars by 2004 and set standards adopted by the DoD, saving billions. WorldChain and Dell set the Standard for Policy-Based Automation - Performance-Based Logistics practices adopted by DoD.

Reynaldo's ultimate goal is to create positive social impact by leveraging technology to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and low-income communities.

Reynaldo recently launched a data center technician and cybersecurity analyst program for disadvantaged youth.