Pablo Ruiz-Escribano

Iberian Secure Power & Field Services Vice-President, Schneider Electric (Life Is On)

Pablo Ruiz-Escribano is Schneider Electric’s Vice-President of IT Division for Spain and Portugal since April 1st, 2019. He’s responsible for leading the digital transformation on the IT channel, offering solutions, services and software which enable the customers to convert the entire business environment into data that can be analyzed and processed in order to facilitate both operational and strategic decision making.

The manager holds a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and also an Executive MBA from I.E.S.E. Business School. He has joined Schneider Electric 12 years ago, as Key Account Manager for the Hotel & Retail segment. During this time, he has assumed other positions, managing the retail channels of Installers, Panel Builders and Engineers, and more recently he led the Services division’s Business Development team. Before he joined the French company, Pablo Ruiz-Escribano had worked in Mapfre, Lisi Aerospace and Valeo.

His experience in leading sales teams, managing the different retail channels and in activities of value-added services, make him an expert in technological transformation on the electric and IT channels.