Mikael Svanfeldt

Chief Technology Officer, EcoDataCenter

Mikael is CTO at EcoDataCenter, a Nordic wholesale colocation operator focused on sustainable HPC and AI customer segments. He joined the company early 2019 as the second employee and has since then been responsible for the design and supported the execution teams with constructing the data centers. EcoDataCenter do all design, execution and operations inhouse and work directly with manufacturers of capacity components, while employing local entrepreneurs to integrate the systems into operational data centers. The primary focus is sustainable design and operation, throughout the lifespan of the facilities. One example of this is to build entire data centers out of cross laminated timber.

Mikael has more than 10 years dedicated design and construction in the data center industry and another 5 years in mission critical facilities such as hospitals and oil & gas. He joined Schneider Electric in 2009 where he held different positions as project manager and department manager for cross business units technical presales and execution teams across Nordics, Baltics, UK & Ireland and Middle East.

Mikael holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, focused on energy systems, from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and is an Accredited Tier Designer. He currently lives in Sweden.

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