Maxie Reynolds

Founder, Subsea Cloud

Maxie Reynolds started her career in oil and gas as an underwater robotics pilot and subsea engineer working in Norway, Venezuela, Australia, Italy, Russia, Nigeria and the US. She then transitioned into cyber security at PwC in Australia, working in ethical hacking and social engineering. She also published a best selling book in 2021 titled ‘The Art of Attack: Attacker Mindset for Security Professionals.’ In late 2021, she moved back to the field of subsea engineering and created Subsea Cloud – a data center infrastructure company that places data centers underwater. Maxie was born in Scotland and has a degree in Computer Science, is educated in Underwater Robotics from Cranfield University and in Quantum Computing from MIT. Currently, Maxie’s aim through her startup is to reduce latency, costs and CO2 emissions for hyperscale spenders and small businesses alike whilst becoming the most innovative, agile infrastructure company around

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