Kim Gunnelius

Managing Director, Verne Global

As Head of Finland and Managing Director of Verne Global Finland, Kim drives the operations and excellence of Verne Global Finland's climate neutral certified data center services. Having overseen the startup and growth phase of Ficolo as Chairman, Kim joined Ficolo full time in 2017 as CFO. In his position, he positions and drives the growth, identifying and manages opportunities globally, ranging from Hyperscale and HPC to enterprise, including working with the largest technology companies in the world. He also oversaw the green certification initiatives that helping to achieve several industry firsts, such as the first Dark Green rated green bond for a data center company as well as the first hyperscale-level, climate neutral certification for a Nordic data center.

Having reached carbon neutrality in 2021, many years ahead of competing companies’ targets, Verne Global Finland is advancing towards a carbon negative, climate-positive operation. Under Kim's leadership, efforts include reusing excess heat into the district heating grid to create a positive handprint in addition to a zero footprint.

With a background in software and telecom, Kim has helped build the financial foundation at Verne Global Finland and define its position as one of the top data centers in Finland and an internationally recognized, sustainable leader in colocation.