Jeremy Rodriguez

Director of Data Center Engineering, Nvidia

Jeremy Rodriguez started working for Nvidia in 2018, forming the data center focused cloud infrastructure group. He has over 15 years of experience in leadership roles covering data center, hardware engineering, and information technology industries. He has a wide range of expertise in artificial intelligence, modular, and hyperscale data centers in combination with server and storage solutions.

In his current role, he leads Nvidia’s data center and cloud infrastructure engineering organization with responsibilities for strategic, R&D, and tactical planning of AI, cloud gaming, and supercomputer data centers.

Mr. Rodriguez has worked for many high-growth companies (Facebook, eBay/PayPal, VMware) deploying and managing 100s of megawatts of data center and server solutions. Jeremy’s accomplishments include; the construction of a LEED Platinum data center, patents on data center optimizations and efficiency measurements, the Green IT Award for Modular Data Center Deployment by the Uptime Institute, and multiple awards by the TBM Council. Jeremy and his teams have also been the focus of case study publications from the Green Grid and Stanford University.

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