Jacob Friborg

3-Phase UPS Category Manager, Secure Power Division, Europe, Schneider Electric (Life Is On)

Jacob Drejer Friborg is the 3-Phase UPS Category Manager for Schneider Electric’s Secure Power Division in Europe. With a career spanning Research and Development (R&D), Platform Engineering, Product innovation and marketing, he has over 20 years of expertise within 3-Phase UPS systems.

Throughout his career with Schneider Electric, Jacob has been stationed in Rhode Island, USA, and in Galway, Ireland. Today he is based in Kolding, Denmark, at the company’s main 3-Phase R&D site in Europe. There he is responsible for consolidating and analyzing country information, and leading the offer strategy to meet market demands for resilient power protection and sustainability.

Jacob also manages the Schneider Electric Technology Center in Denmark; an 800m2 live showroom, demonstrating the company's industry-leading three-phase uninterruptible power systems to its European partners and customers.

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