Ferris Ellis

Sustainability Design Architect, InfraPrime

Ferris Ellis leads Sustainability Design and Build Engineering for global data center clients to meet Net Zero and Carbon Free Energy Goals. Ellis joined InfraPrime from Apple Inc., he brought years of experience working in Critical Software Systems, Networking, Edge Services, Security, Software Engineering, and Hyperscale Data Centers. Ellis is passionate about Sustainability and Climate Change. His executive responsibilities at InfraPrime are to pioneer the end to end sustainability design and the build orchestration for the Arctic Circle Data Centers and lead the technical onsite delivery of Carbon Free Energy for InfraPrime℠ customers. Previously from Apple, Ellis was at Brocade Communications Systems’ Network Development professional services unit leading best practices and innovative solutions for Tier 1 ISPs and global data center providers. Ellis is a scholar, contributes to industry technical forums, and speaks at numerous technical panels on Edge Services, Security, Data Center Innovative Design and his favorite topics of Sustainability and Clean Energy.

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