Cristy House

Senior Client Development Manager, Schneider Electric (Life Is On)

As a Senior Client Development Manager, Cristy leads global Banking and Insurance organizations along their journey towards renewable energy adoption and emission reductions. Through direct client engagement and consultation, Cristy helps her clients strategize, develop, and implement programs designed to meet their climate goals and objectives.

Cristy supports US-based Fortune 500 organizations with an emphasis on the banking/finance/insurance industries to create achievable roadmaps that address ESG, Sustainability, and Climate Change pressures. As solutions to mitigate climate impact become more diverse and complex, Cristy is skilled in communication and problem-solving to effectively assist clients in building the best strategy and roadmap for their journey. She quickly becomes a trusted partner who creates strong personal relationships with organizations at all levels. She brings best-in-class approaches for sustainability compliance, strategy, corporate communications, and enhanced analytics through Resource Advisor. ​

Prior to joining Schneider Electric, Cristy led a diverse career as a sales professional for Pfizer for 5 years as well as an entrepreneur.  She refined the Client Development Specialist role here at Schneider Electric before transitioning to her role as Client Development Manager dedicated to Financial Services and Insurance sectors. She is a graduate from Northwestern State University with a BS in Business Administration and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Finance with William & Mary. 

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