Ari Kurvi

Chief Development Officer, Hyperco

Ari has 40 years of experience in data centers and IT-installations. He has worked for Hewlett Packard Oy, Google and Yandex Oy. The beginning of his career, he spent 2 decades in datacenters installing and maintaining computer hardware and software. He was responsible of customers IT-infrastructure operation in many corporates. Last 10 years in HP his main work was energy efficiency and cooling improvement projects and concept design of data centers including data center relocations and consolidation projects.

During Google times he started up datacenter facility operations in first Google DC in Finland. Startup includes construction time quality observations, and site infrastructure commissioning activities. Also his role was local contract negations and operation team hire.

Ari was Data Centre Manager at Yandex Oy, where he was responsible for all operations of the Data Center. He hired operations team and was involved of construction time 1st and 2nd phase project management. Construction time quality inspections and site commissioning with operations team to have proper handover to operations was also his duties. Energy effectiveness and heat reuse improvements in Yandex Oy datacenter at Mäntsälä Finland are also his KPI’s. Heat recycling build in existing facility is recycling around 50% taken electrical energy back as heat to local city heating network covering 70% of municipality heat need. Creation of datacenters business case for national gird Frequency Containment Reserve for Disturbances (FCR-D) service and it’s implementation was one operational cost reduction done by him.

Ari is currently Chief Development Officer at Hyperco, a Nordic data center focused real estate development company.

Ari can be found on LinkedIn as Ari Kurvi.

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