Alex Veytsel

Chief Strategy Officer, RampRate

As Chief Strategy Officer at RampRate, Alex leads a consulting team that sources IT infrastructure services on behalf of Fortune 1000 and IT intensive organizations worldwide. RampRate has been a pioneer in assessing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of data centers and clouds for over a decade, guiding clients towards facilities with renewable power and lower PUE as part of its SPY Index decision scorecard as well as being transparent and accountable to customers and investors through tools such as eBay’s Digital Service Efficiency dashboard.

In addition to his ongoing work with enterprise buyers of IT services worldwide, Alex has also been an advisor to impact-conscious data center, networking, and cloud suppliers. His clients include several of the world’s largest telecom and cloud providers, as well as many innovative startups. New ventures Alex helped accelerate on RampRate’s Advance program include one of the earliest major data centers powered by geothermal energy, several software platforms for aggregating and reusing idle compute power, and Syntropy’s programmable networking stack which is already shattering latency limitations that hold back sustainability and is poised to add impact-focused Internet traffic routing in the future. Alex also has an extensive history in the blockchain market – helping miners minimize their carbon footprints and obviating the need for massive energy outlays altogether through non-mining solutions such as proof of stake.

Alex has long been an advocate for the data industry, working to accentuate the positive changes and best practices and vetting potential investments to ensure a steady flow of capital to innovative ventures in the market. Alex has spoken at data center related conferences such as Data Center Dynamics, NY Data Center Summit, and Critical Connections, authored multiple articles on the industry, and has been quoted on data center related topics in publications such as the NY Times.

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