Adam Bradley

General Manager, ASX

Adam is a senior business leader with over 20 years’ experience in strategy, sales and management. He has a strong track record of building and leading global and local sales teams, building relationships with multinational clients, generating business growth and customer value, new sources of revenue and increased profitability. He has played key roles in global organisations, has developed deep and influential networks, is highly proficient at building and nurturing strong board and executive level relationships.

Adam is an expert in financial markets technology and innovation. He thrives on connecting people and companies with the right services and insights to reach their potential. His focus is always the client: how can he help the client achieve their goals professionally, financially and personally.

In his current role at the ASX as head of global sales, technical and information services, he is helping to build the reputation of ASX as the best connected, technologically driven financial marketplace, helping people and companies amplify their potential.

Adam has a passion for generating business and customer value, consistently generating new business from sources in and outside of established business channels, often connecting with people in non-traditional and hidden areas.

Personally and professionally Adam lives for building and leading high performing teams. He loves working in partnership with great talent and recognizing them for their success. He is a believer that inclusion plays a big part in getting better results.

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