Christian Sjölander

Founder, CEO, Kärnfull Group

Christian Sjölander is founder of Swedish nuclear energy start-up Kärnfull Group, and an entrepreneur, financial professional and tech evangelist – with a love for thinking outside the box.

With Kärnfull he and co-founder John Ahlberg has quickly built up a profitable and rapidly growing nuclear energy company group helping popularise and accelerate nuclear in order to help the tech play its pivotal role in the Nordics’ journey to reach Paris goals. The results so far in Sweden and Denmark alone is proof-positive that the duo's formula seem to work.

Reading the IPCC report of 2018 and analysing a future European energy market in which the mega electrification was to be made even more difficult with multiple reactor closures planned across Europe, he and John started plotting out Kärnfull’s role as a Hans Rosling-esque (“Factfulness”) brand acting as both an electricity supplier with 100% nuclear energy tariffs (Kärnfull Energi) and a project development company for SMRs (Kärnfull Next) – with multiple sites and partnerships secured to enable nuclear new builds in Sweden.

As a father of two, Christian is on a mission to build a brand for generations that contributes with a key piece to the Nordics' sustainability puzzle. His appreciation for nuclear energy originates from Christians understanding of how efficient, clean and eco-friendly nuclear is has always been with him throughout a career.

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