Eaton, the intelligent power management company, has opened a new state-of-the-art campus in Helsinki to boost its capacity to manufacture and supply uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, including its latest product, the Eaton 9395X.

Now in production, the Eaton 9395X UPS occupies a footprint up to 30 percent smaller than similar UPS models and delivers superior energy efficiency, thanks to its silicon carbide converters. This requires less electricity in a data center setting, making it easier to reduce carbon emissions.

With a maximum power rating currently up to 1700 kVA (to be extended in the coming year) and exceptional power density, the Eaton 9395X is designed for outstanding resilience, building on the already robust capabilities of Eaton's Power Xpert 9395P UPS.

The system is also an Eaton EnergyAware UPS with grid-interactive capability, meaning data center operators can reduce the total cost of ownership of the Eaton 9395X by earning revenue through energy market participation – they can sell the demand response services that help balance a high-renewable grid.

Joel Kärkkäinen, product manager of large 3phase UPS, Critical Power Solutions at Eaton, said: “We designed silicon carbide-based converters into the Eaton 9395X, so that it brings to market an efficiency of 97.5 percent in double-conversion mode."

"The fact that it needs up to 30 percent less cooling, and up to 30 percent less floor space than similar UPS models, means that this UPS leaves more room for revenue-generating IT equipment. It has top exhaust, with no rear clearance required, which means a further saving on space and lower installation costs.”

The Eaton 9395X is easy to deploy thanks to its thoughtful design, featuring ready-built sub-assemblies and simplified installation with an inter-cabinet busbar and self-configuring power modules.

Large systems can be configured with one click, and built-in self-monitoring reduces the need for scheduled maintenance, further adding to cost savings.

HotSync-patented load-sharing technology enhances reliability by eliminating single points of failure and synchronizing parallel power modules and UPSs without communication links or synchronization signals.

The Eaton 9395X UPS is supplied with a full lifecycle analysis and eco passport to demonstrate its environmental impact through the supply chain, in manufacturing, and in use, all the way to its end-of-life. This makes it easy to include in facility-level carbon emission calculations, and helps Eaton’s customers to achieve their sustainability targets.

Existing and new customers can visit the Eaton Helsinki campus to see Eaton's products being made via an official Eaton Power Tour.