The compact Eaton 93T is the latest addition to the company’s UPS offering and has a power rating of 15 kVA to 80 kVA. It provides stable power for mission-critical applications, like server rooms and small data centers, in settings that include the commercial and industrial, finance, healthcare, government, industry and information technology (IT) sectors.

The Eaton 93T UPS is designed to deliver the highest availability at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) to ensure business continuity. It combines high efficiency with a compact footprint, maximum true available power, a powerful internal battery, and state-of-the-art cybersecurity.

Eaton ups
Eaton 93T UPS – Eaton

With up to a 20 percent smaller footprint compared to other models in its class, it saves valuable space for other revenue-generating equipment. And with an optional battery up to 80 kVA, the Eaton 93T UPS also removes the need for an external battery, thereby freeing up additional space.

Eaton’s efficiency-focused technologies help decrease purchasing and operational expenses significantly and provide savings in cooling costs. The company’s Energy Saver System (ESS) is a proven and reliable energy-saving system in the market, with many years of usage and a wide installed base, improving the Eaton 93T UPS’s efficiency levels to 99 percent.

The Eaton 93T UPS seamlessly integrates with the Eaton Brightlayer digital solutions, offering world-class performance management. It comes equipped with intelligent operational and management features to leverage data insights for monitoring, managing, and optimizing performance.

Eaton also provides the Cyber Secured Remote Monitoring service, which ensures a rapid response to malfunctions and delivers comprehensive periodic health performance reports for the Eaton 93T UPS.

These reports include prediction analysis and life-cycle management, helping to fix issues as they occur or prevent them altogether. Cybersecurity is a fundamental aspect of Eaton’s 'secure by design' philosophy.

In addition, Eaton's Digital Distributed IT Performance Management (DITPM) digital solution enables extensive Eaton 93T UPS monitoring. Users can easily view, monitor, and administer the connected Edge physical and virtual IT environment, UPSs, power distribution units (PDUs), and other devices from a single centralized location.

DITPM promptly alerts users to any issues related to environment monitoring and automation. With this comprehensive monitoring capability, DITPM elevates the resilience of the Eaton 93T UPS, bridging the gap between electrical and IT infrastructures.

For more information on the Eaton 93T UPS, please contact your local Eaton office.