Data centers are the critical link between the digital and physical world. They power almost every aspect of our economy today, consuming close to 3% of global electricity in the process.

Increasing demands on data center infrastructure are being propelled by the shifts to the cloud, machine to machine communication, mobile technologies, VR/AR, AI, 5G and IoT.

As the world continues to innovate, data center builders and operators grapple with the question of how to navigate a myriad of facility design complexities – balancing 24 x 7 x 365 operations with growing power demands, elevated risks, and the urgent need to reduce the sector’s carbon emissions.

Elevated risks to critical power infrastructure

Covid-19 has highlighted our economy’s digital dependence, elevating risks and exposing harsh new realities.

An aging centralized power grid that is prone to outages and natural disasters, coupled with a dangerous cyber-threat landscape has left society heavily reliant on an electric delivery system that has simply not kept pace with the evolution of its surrounding environment.

This is the risk landscape for all of us, but without proper safeguards in place, the consequences of those risks are greater for data centers. Mitigation requires a highly strategic and grassroots approach to energy management.

The critical nature of data center operation elevates many design criteria — chiefly, reliability and power availability — over other considerations. Special focus must be placed on redundancy measures across several key energy components – utility power supply, back up generation, UPS modules, and cooling systems – which can come at great cost.

But consider the implications of developments in the energy space that have come from the rapid digital transformation over the last decade. We are now in a time where there are multiple options for sourcing electricity. Emerging technologies and business models represent a key opportunity to manage costs and mitigate risks. However, they also present a design optimization challenge in terms of structuring those options to maximize the economic, reliability, and sustainability benefits.

The data center reimagined

PTS Data Center Solutions and Bloom Energy are on a mission to modernize. Together they bring diverse perspectives from across the industry value chain who understand the realities of data center design and operation and how to capitalize on innovations to maximize value.

In an upcoming webinar on Feb. 10th, Bloom will unveil blueprints for a one-of-a-kind facility designed to help data center operators fight the rising tide of infrastructure and facility management challenges.

Over the course of the session we will explore the foremost goals in data center design and management and offer their expertise on building the lowest CAPEX, lowest OPEX, highest resiliency facility from the ground up.