Australian micro data center firm Zella DC is launching a micro data center-as-a-Service offering.

The company said the Zella MDCaaS removes up-front capital and converts them into an ‘inclusive monthly fee’ that includes delivery, installation, support, and maintenance.

The company said the new ‘as a Service’ option is available for all its existing micro data centers and provides a new Opex model that provides companies “the option to process more data at the Edge.”

"We are aligning our solution with other IT-as-a-service offerings like SaaS, IaaS, etc. I'm excited to allow customers to get the benefits of our micro data centers without the upfront Capex," said Angie Keeler, Zella DC Co-founder and CEO.

Previously known as Zellabox, Zella DC was founded in Perth, Western Australia, and offers a number of micro data center products.

In July Zella was awarded an AU$400,000 R&D grant from the state-run AMGC Commercialisation Fund for the development of a “next-generation micro data center” that uses new lightweight, fire retardant materials to deliver design, scalability and energy efficiency gains.

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