Australian modular micro data center company Zellabox has revealed its smallest box yet - a 12U micro data center.

The company says that the modular data center is of particular interest to companies concerned about storing data in the cloud, and those who wish to have data kept locally or moved easily to temporary sites.

Zellabox 12U Cubb
Zellabox 12U Cubb – Zellabox

Size matters

“We have spent the effort researching and designing this new 12U micro data center in response to extensive customer demand for a more agile, deployable, unit. We look forward to helping our customers get their servers where they’re really needed in this micro data centre solution,” Zellabox CTO Clinton Keeler said.

As expected of a micro data center, the 12U Cubb controls power, air quality and temperature. The box also provides security, with the installation monitored 24/7 even if the network is unavailable. As a modular product, multiple micro data centers can be deployed together.

The product announcement comes after Zellabox has begun to expand into the UK and Europe, hiring Cambridge Cleantech-head Hugh Parnell as Chairman of the Board.

The 12U micro data center is described as the world’s smallest, and does beat out the 23U Schneider SmartBunker and the Rittal 15-usable U ‘The System’.

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