Australian micro data center firm Zella DC has deployed its first micro data center in Japan.

Zella deployed its outdoor Zella Hut for Japanese ISP Internet Initiative Japan Inc. as part of a demonstration of a new Edge computing platform IIJ is planning to offer to telecoms & 5G customers.

"We are excited about this partnership with IIJ and to deploy our first Zella Hut in Japan. Edge Computing and 5G Connectivity are at the core of our business. It's great to be part of this trial and to work with IIJ to develop this innovative solutiom,” said Angie Keeler, Zella DC CEO and co-founder.

IIJ Zella Japan.png
– Internet Initiative Japan

The 12U micro data center was deployed on the premises of the Shiroi Data Center Campus in Shiroi-city, Chiba Prefecture. IIJ plans to develop a solution that will allow customers to deploy and operate what it describes as Multi-access edge computing(MEC) platform that utilizes Zella’s products. IIJ will launch the solution later this year.

The three-month demonstration deployment is for IIJ to verify equipment and autonomous operation scenarios for outdoor deployments and help develop remote monitoring and operation capabilities for the management system at the host Shiroi facility.

"Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) is the first commercial internet service provider in Japan. We are progressing our service capability of IT and digital infrastructure, including the data center. We've been planning to add a micro data center to our data center product line-up, and Zella DC is the micro data center we are looking for," said Yoshikazu Yamai, managing executive officer, DX Edge project team.

Last month Zella launched a new micro data center-as-a-Service offering, swapping upfront acquisition costs to an ‘inclusive monthly fee’ that includes delivery, installation, support, and maintenance.

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