UK broadcaster Channel 4 went down for several hours, just weeks after a major outage at a broadcast services company knocked the channel offline.

The outage, which took out the TV station and its online offering All4, occurred during a discussion about superstitions during the show Steph's Packed Lunch. The broadcast froze on comedian Dane Baptiste, broadcasting his still image for several hours.

Channel 4
Dane Baptiste, still life – Channel 4

On the 25th of September, broadcast services firm Red Bee Media said that a fire suppression system had damaged servers, bringing its service offline. This took down a number of broadcasters like the BBC and Channel 5 went offline, but they soon returned.

Channel 4 also came back on air that day, but said that its audio description, sign language, and subtitle system were "irretrievably lost."

That service is still down, with the channel warning it will take until the middle of November to offer subtitles for its shows.

"Something like this needs to be installed slowly to ensure our channels don’t come off air and to prevent something like this happening again," Channel 4 said last week.

It is not clear if the latest outage is related to the original incident.

"We're sorry about our tech hiccup this afternoon and hope you can now view as normal," Channel 4 said on Twitter.

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