Domain name registrar and web hosting firm eNom is seeing Domain Name System (DNS) issues in the wake of a data center migration.

“At present, we are seeing issues with our DNS and Reseller Control Panel,” the company said today in a status update. The company noted websites were not resolving due to missing or incorrect DNS records while others were experiencing email service interruptions due to missing DNS MX records.

– Thinkstock / AKodisinghe

The move comes the day after the company migrated a data center. The company reported the migration project had been extended but completed. However, a number of customers report they have been offline for more than 36 hours. Customers noted that they were unable to change NameServers during the issue.

“To better support our customers and ensure long-term stability, Enom will be undergoing a data center migration for a period of 12 hours,” the company tweeted on 16 December and posted to its status page. It said the planned migration would run from 6am PST to 6pm PST, noting its sites and services would be unavailable but DNS should resolve as normal.

“The data center migration is continuing. Our Dev team’s testing indicates the need to extend the migration period to midnight (PST), 16 January,” the company tweeted on the day of the migration – noting that its URL redirector was offline for the duration of the migration – before saying the planned maintenance was complete.

However, it later followed up with an update about the reported errors: “We are receiving some reports of domains using our nameservers which are failing to resolve. Owing to the migration we are unable to research and fully address the issue until the migration is complete. This is not an expected outcome from the migration, and we are working to address it as a priority.”

The company – founded in 1997 in Washington and sold to Canadian domain seller Tucows for $83.5 million by the Rightside Group in 2017 – reportedly hosts around 15 million domains. It reports several hundred domains have been affected by the current issues.

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