Telecel Group, the majority shareholder of Vodafone Ghana, has expanded its 4G network in the country.

In a statement, Telecel Group confirmed it has deployed 300 new 400 sites across the country.

Accra, Ghana
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Telecel didn't disclose how much it's invested in the network expansion, but it's the first significant upgrade announced by the company since it acquired a 70 percent stake in Vodafone Ghana earlier this year.

Despite exiting the market earlier this year with the sale to Telecel, the operator is still functioning under the Vodafone name. The remaining 30 percent is owned by the state.

“We have set a new standard for rapid network development in Ghana. But this is just the beginning. Our combined vision is to continuously seek and seize opportunities that enrich the digital experience for Ghanaians,” stated Patricia Obo-Nai, CEO of Vodafone Ghana.

Telecel noted that the upgrades aren't a "one-off," but rather a "pivotal part of Telecel’s broader strategic plan for sustained expansion across the nation."

Vodafone Ghana is estimated to have over 7.3 million subscribers in the country.