Google will provide cloud and workspace tools to the US Department of Energy.

The five-year deal will see DOE staff gain access to all of Google Cloud Platform's services, including Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, AutoML, Cloud GPUs and TPUs, Google Kubernetes Engine, and TensorFlow.

Department of Cloud

Department of Energy
– Sebastian Moss

The DOE said that it expects to use Google Cloud for everything from running machine learning models to predict which energy equipment will require preventative maintenance, to helping cities identify more cost-efficient renewable energy sources, to managing the exabytes of data coming out of DOE research facilities.

"Our work with Google Cloud is helping us reduce the friction and pivot to innovation," said DOE CIO Rocky Campione.

"With this agreement, we're helping our labs focus on solving problems and get to a place where they can pick the compute they need to get their jobs done."

While the enterprise agreement gives the DOE's more than 100,000 employees and contractors to access Google Cloud and Google Workspace tools, it does not appear to be an exclusive contract. For example, this summer saw the official website migrate to Amazon Web Services.

Home to many of the world's fastest supercomputers, the Department of Energy also operates a host of data centers - including the world's most efficient, at NREL. The National Nuclear Security Administration, part of the DOE, is also building its own private cloud.

"The DOE conducts some of the most cutting-edge research in the world," said Mike Daniels, VP of Global Public Sector, Google Cloud.

"We are both proud and humbled to play a leading role in helping the DOE advance critical work in the energy sector for the betterment of mankind."