An outage at UK bank Nationwide caused chaos for customers during the run up to Christmas.

Customers were unable to make cash transfers, and some did not receive wages, for most of December 22. The company has not disclosed the cause of the outage.

– Alexander P Kapp

"We apologize for the delays that members have experienced in sending and receiving faster payments," Nationwide said in a statement.

"We will also refund all Nationwide charges and fees incurred as a result of this issue."

But the company may not be able to help those who have trouble due to direct debits going out, such as for rent. "For any charges and fees incurred elsewhere, people should contact the Society to discuss these, and any related to this issue will be refunded," the company said.

One customer told the Manchester Evening News that she "cried all morning" after she was unable to pay for a shopping delivery, which was due to be delivered that week. Now, the disabled mother said there are no more slots to rebook the order, which was set to be the family's Christmas dinner.

"It was my Christmas Day turkey. [My family] have three birthdays over Christmas. I ordered a birthday cake for December 27 and my turkey," she told the publication.

"I've got four kids here, I can't access any money and can't do anything. What am I supposed to do?"

Others took to social media to demand more compensation than just a return of fees.

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