TIM Brasil has signed a renewable energy deal with Faro Energy to supply its network infrastructure with solar power.

Faro will deliver five new solar power plants to supply TIM’s network infrastructure before the second half of 2021, taking the total number of Faro solar plants supplying the telco to 15.

Faro is responsible for the investment, construction, operation and maintenance of solar power plants. The plants already in already operation are powering TIM consumer infrastructure in Paraíba, Pernambuco, Ceará and Tocantins. Another five, located in the Federal District and Rio Grande do Norte, are at an advanced stage of construction, with delivery scheduled for June.

The 15 sites, located across five states and the Federal District, will have an installed capacity of of 25 MWp (peak MW) and supply 970 antennas and towers belonging to the operator in the Northeast and Midwest of the country.

“We currently have 34 renewable energy plants in operation and we want to reach 60 by the end of 2022, with enough monthly generation to supply a city of 150,000 inhabitants,” said Bruno Gentil, Chief Business Support Officer of TIM Brasil. “To achieve this goal, we need partners with expertise and growth potential, such as Faro Energy, which works in line with our ESG pillars.”

“We are investing over R$100 million (US$19.7 million) in our partnership with TIM. We are aware of the importance of sustainable energy generation projects for the country and we want to lead, together with the operator, a market that is constantly looking for new solutions and opportunities,” added Pedro Mateus, CEO of Faro Energy.

A version of this story appeared on our Brazilian edition.