Form8tion has broken ground on its maiden data center project in Madrid, Spain.

“We have commenced work on our new highly sustainable data center campus in Madrid,” the company said on LinkedIn this week. The first 24MW facility is underway on a site that ultimately will deliver 100MW+.”

form8ation madrid spain.jpg
– Form8tion Data Centers

US real estate group Thor Equities founded a new digital infrastructure unit, Thor Digital, in April 2022 before rebranding it to Form8tion earlier this year. The Madrid One campus is based at a former Coca-Cola bottling plant in the Nino del Remedio Industrial Estate acquired by the company in October 2022.

The group’s ‘Madrid One’ campus will offer up to 100MW of capacity across 60,000 sqm (645,850 sq ft) – Thor previously said phase one of the 200,000 sqm (2.1 million sq ft) campus will offer up to 20MW of capacity, growing to more than 100MW and seeing some €600 million ($640m) invested in the project.

Form8tion renderings suggest the campus will host five buildings across some 70 acres. The company’s website says the facilities can be dedicated for single occupancy from an initial 6MW up to 30MW and delivered in 12-24 months.

The company said it will source power purchase agreements to power its sites, use HVO for its backup generator fuel ‘where viable,’ and feature living walls at its sites.

Form8tion is working with building consultancy Archway Resilience and construction firm Blu-3 for the project.

Founded in 1986, Thor has traditionally focused on retail, residential, and industrial buildings. Its portfolio spans locations in the US, Europe, and Latin America. The company bought the former bottling plant from real estate firm Stoneweg, which had acquired the site in 2020. The bottling plant was originally shut in 2014, but was forced to reopen in 2015 after a legal challenge from workers.