Telecom Italia (TIM) has chosen Ericsson to provide its 5G core.

– Wikimedia/ Spa

It means that Ericsson will provide the Italian telco with its dual-mode 5G core, in a move that will allow TIM to modernize its current "Evolved Packet Core" and introduce the new 5G Standalone in a single cloud-native solution.

The introduction of the 5G core provides TIM with a transition towards 5G Standalone, which can support higher data transfer rates, ultra-low latency, and increasingly nationwide equipment deployment.

According to Swedish vendor Ericsson, the agreement also includes 'network orchestration and automation services,' which underpin the introduction of ultra-reliable, low-latency network slicing, and communications (URLLC) solutions.

"This new partnership with TIM will allow it to take full advantage of 5G, benefitting both consumers and businesses, and will contribute to accelerating the country's digital transformation," said Andrea Missori, President of Ericsson Italy.

"With 5G standalone it will be possible to activate a series of innovative services that require high performance, low latency, and maximum security, as well as the network slicing functionality that will allow mobile operators to monetize network quality."

It's been a tough time for debt-ridden TIM, with the struggling telco subject to a potential state takeover, with the company reportedly €30 billion ($30.7bn) in debt.

The Brothers of Italy party, led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, has been keen to take the operator under its control for some time, even before the election.

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