Taiwan has issued a red alert on its water supply, as reservoirs plummeted to dangerously low levels.

The government will reduce water supply to two science parks in Taichung by 15 percent, home to chip fabs operated by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) and Micron Technology.

TSMC said that production would not be affected and that it would ramp up efforts to truck water in. Micron declined to comment.

Fires, plagues, and droughts hit the data center industry

– Pixabay / Sandid

Economics minister Wang Mei-hua told reporters that the water restrictions were not expected to impact either company.

TSMC in particular is operating at full capacity as it tries to meet unprecedented demand amid a global semiconductor shortage.

Wang previously said that Taiwan would be able to keep its tech companies going on water reserves until the seasonal rains in May.

The country is experiencing its worst drought in more than half a century, with low rainfall and zero typhoons making landfall in 2020. The number of typhoons hitting Taiwan has steadily fallen, as a warming planet has led to high-pressure zones merging in the upper atmosphere over the Pacific and Southeast Asia.

The frequency of droughts in the country has currently stayed steady, but the severity of each drought has increased, the government’s National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction found.

An aggressive effort to reduce water use in farmland has helped the country avoid the worst effects of the current drought, but the issue is expected to get worse as anthropogenic climate change begins to take effect.