T-Mobile has been awarded a US Navy contract as part of the $2.67 billion Spiral 4 contract.

The contract will run for the next ten years, allowing all Department of Defense agencies to place orders for wireless services and equipment from the carrier.

– T-Mobile

The contract replaces the Spiral 3 contract, in which T-Mobile began participating in 2017 along with Verizon and AT&T.

According to T-Mobile, the Spiral 4 contract will enable the telco to provide voice, data, fixed wireless solutions, Internet of Things, and mobility management solutions.

"The Spiral 4 contract award is a testament to T-Mobile’s leading 5G network and to our focus on building solutions that meet the critical needs of our government customers," said David Bezzant, vice president of sales, T-Mobile for Government.

Other winners of the Spiral 4 contract include EchoStar, Verizon, and Wide Point.

T-Mobile noted that since its involvement in Spiral 3, it's "significantly grown its range of services for government operations," while it has launched 5G Advanced Network Solutions, a portfolio that consists of 5G private and hybrid networks, aimed to support government agencies.

The telco also said that government agencies may allow it to leverage its partnership with SpaceX in the future.