Broadcaster and telecoms company Sky’s Edinburgh data center has joined the EU Code of Conduct (CoC) for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres, and promises to continue making improvements to its energy usage.

The data center currently has a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.33, and the broadcaster says in a press release that the process of applying the ideas contained in the Code of Conduct will cut this figure further, while improving its working practices.

wind sky turbine
– Sky

Follow the Code

The Code aims to promote more energy efficient practises in data centers, and is highly regarded. Its proponents are working to give it a higher public profile, something which could be helped by Sky’s endorsement. 

The data center has already demonstrated adherence to the Code’s principles, said Paul Shires, Scotland data center operations manager at Sky, who promised: ”We continue to drive efficiencies in our Data Centres, and this site will be the first of many to go through [the Code’s] exacting set of standards.’’

Sky has reviewed its operations and made adjustments to improve energy efficiency, including the creation of a cross-discipline advisory board. 

According to Sky’s environmental reporting page, the company currently gets six percent of its energy from renewable sources, and aims for this to increase to 20 percent by 2020. The company measures its emissions relative to turnover, claiming it producews 11.42 tonese of CO2 equivalent emissions  for every £1 million turnover the group makes.