Sentinum (previously known as BitNile) has launched a colocation and hosting service from its Michigan data center.

415 East Prairie Ronde Street, Dowagiac, Michigan Bitnile.png
Sentinum Michigan data center – BitNile

A company owned by diversified holding company Ault Alliance, Sentinum will offer these services for artificial intelligence ecosystems and other industries.

While initially just being hosted in the company's Michigan facility, the company plans to expand its operations into Montana and Texas.

The Michigan data center was acquired in May 2022 and spans 617,000 sq ft (57,320 sqm), offering 28MW of IT capacity, though it has the ability to scale up to 300MW. It is reportedly powered by 85 percent renewable energy.

In Montana, Sentinum's subsidiary, BNI Montana, has obtained land and power agreements for a data center with 20MW of capacity. It will be primarily used for Bitcoin mining operations, and construction has recently commenced.

Sentinum also has agreements for a 12MW data center in West Texas, scalable to 78MW, of which construction is expected to begin in the new few months.

The company says that they will be colocation facilities with adjustable space options. Their facilities will have "multi-level" security, including biometrics and surveillance systems.

Sentinum's CCO, Jay Looney, said: “Although our data center has mainly served Bitcoin mining up until now, we see a substantial demand for hosting and full-service operations in AI and cloud computing sectors.

"Our vision at Sentinum is clear: We aim to deliver trustworthy, scalable, and safe hosting solutions for AI-centric businesses and others in need of high-density power. As we plan our expansion from Michigan to Montana and Texas, our commitment to unparalleled security and service availability is strong.”

The intention to begin offering colocation services was first announced in November 2022.

Despite the company's flagship data center running on mostly renewables, last year Sentinum (then BitNile) invested in oil and gas drilling projects, forming Ault Energy and planning to drill across 30,000 acres in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.