Bankrupt cloud gaming service Blade has been acquired by Octave Klaba's investment fund Jezby Ventures.

The founder of French cloud hosting company OVHcloud beat out rival cloud company Scaleway in acquiring Blade and its game streaming service Shadow.

The optional Shadow box
– Blade

The new business will retain all of the employees of Blade, other than its CTO Jean-Baptiste Kempf, who teamed up with Scaleway on its acquisition bid.

"Very happy to have been selected by the Paris Commercial Court for the [acquisition of Blade]," Klaba said on Twitter, between updates about the OVHcloud data center fire.

"The ambition is simple: to build the best Cloud Gaming offer in the world! We now have everything in just one box: talented team, no worries about Capex, [for] the global market!"

In its bid to the Paris Commerical Court, Jezby said that it planned to buy the servers that Blade has yet to pay for, and then sell them to OVHcloud. It will then rent the servers back from the company.

Earlier this year, Jezby acquired consumer cloud storage service hubiC from OVH, after it was discontinued in 2018.

The company plans to use the streaming technology from Blade to help run hubiC. The combined business will maintain gaming operations, at least for a while, but also plans to extend into broader remote compute services

"We will offer lots of things with this technology and lots of other technology," Klaba said. "We are starting a 20-year cycle of innovations in SaaS."