Norwegian browser company Opera plans to deploy an artificial intelligence cluster in Iceland.

The Nvidia DGX SuperPOD deployment will be installed at atNorth's facility in Keflavik, and is expected to begin operations later this month.

The company did not disclose the scale of the system, but said that it would comprise of Nvidia H100 GPUs.

The entire ICE02 data center has 13,750 square meters (148,000 sq ft) of technical space, and can support more than 80MW of IT load and around 3,000 racks.

“Organizations modernizing their business with AI require powerful infrastructure to develop large language models and enable generative AI applications,” said Carlo Ruiz, EMEA director of AI data center solutions and operations at Nvidia.

“Nvidia DGX SuperPOD with Nvidia H100 GPUs provides Opera with advanced AI supercomputing capabilities, helping developers create new features to bring generative AI experiences to users’ fingertips.”

Opera began adding generative AI features to its main browser last year, and rolled out the Aria browser-chatbot hybrid system.

"Aria is fast evolving, and we continue to expand its capabilities as a browsing companion for our users,” said Krystian Zubel, VP of group IT at Opera.

“Iceland will complement our existing infrastructure across the globe as a green, cost-efficient, and centralized hub for computation-heavy tasks, ensuring that Opera has the infrastructure in place to seize the opportunities we see and allowing our company to rapidly evolve and expand its AI services.”

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