IT services and cloud solutions provider OneAsia and global network provider Megaport are partnering to offer a service to deliver on-demand managed connectivity to leading public cloud service providers.

The agreement means that Hong Kong customers of OneAsia will be able leverage Megaport services to support their business with greater cloud connectivity options.


– Megaport

OneAsia operates four data centers in Hong Kong, with its most recent facility opening in Kowloon Bay last year. It also has a presence across multiple cities in the Asia Pacific, including in Beijing, Shanghai and Nantong in mainland China and in Singapore.

“Today, the powerful momentum towards cloud computing continues to grow exponentially as enterprises look for greater flexibility, higher levels of resilience, operational efficiencies and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) across their IT systems,” Charles Lee, founder and CEO of OneAsia, said.

“Through our partnership with Megaport… these enterprises can move mission-critical workloads into their choice of cloud in near-real time, through a single point of contact with a user-friendly interface, thus simplifying the building of highly scalable hybrid and multi-cloud models.”

Speaking to DCD about the news, Megaport CEO Vincent English noted that the networking trends in the Asia Pacific region are driven by cloud growth: “[Customers] want to get to cloud services, and they want to get to more than one cloud services. The thing that is really driving more data now is the multi-cloud connectivity. Enterprises are needing to find a way for one cloud service to connect to another cloud service.”

And though telecommunication giants in the region have launched similar private cloud connectivity services, Vincent said Megaport’s neutrality makes it particularly appealing to providers.

“We are going to go to these data centers that don’t have cloud on-ramp, that have been underserved. And we are going to enable these data centers. We’ll also continue to expand our network service providers partnership. Because [our partners] own the last mile, it is very easy to plug in… and allow them to sell. It is a continuation of our operation model.”