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Original story: A new company aims to build AI-focused GPU-filled cloud data centers in the Middle East and Europe.

The startup is still in stealth, but a report by The Information reveals a few details about the business, believed to be calling itself Omniva.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang holds a T4
– Sebastian Moss

While a number of startups are trying to cash in on the current AI boom, what makes the company notable is the names behind the project: Sean Boyle, the CFO of AWS until 2020; Kushagra Vaid, a former Microsoft VP and distinguished engineer until 2021; and T.S. Khurana, Meta Platforms’ vice president of infrastructure until just last month.

The three execs did not respond to requests for comment, but the name of the company is revealed in a post by the Fred Hutch Cancer Center, where Boyle holds the vice chair position.

A job listing for a company called Omniva reveals the startup is hiring for a 'Senior Immersion Cooling Engineer,' who will be tasked with "inventing the next generation immersion cooling solution," with a focus on two-phase immersion cooling.

One person who was recruited by the startup told The Information that Omniva has backing from a Kuwaiti royal family member, which it hopes to parlay into low-cost power for its data centers. It may also be planning facilities in Europe.

Amid a surge in AI demand and hyperscale struggles to acquire enough GPUs, a number of alternative cloud companies have stepped up to provide access to GPUs, including CoreWeave and Lambda.