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This issue of the DCD Magazine is our 50th, and we've filled it with some really cool features to mark the special occasion.

Four years ago, I began writing a feature on the rise and fall of Enron Broadband Services, working my way through old company indexes to find ex-staffers willing to share decades-old memories of breath-taking fraud.

But behind all the conversations was a deeper question - could Enron Broadband have worked? Was there a real business to be found behind all the scandal?

For #50, the culmination of those four years is finally ready to be shared.

Elsewhere, we tackle the question of what AI means for the data center. We talk to Digital Realty's CEO, CyrusOne's CEO, AQ Compute's CEO, and AMD's CTO about their respective approaches.

We also get an exclusive look at Meta's new data center design, which has only just started to be rolled out. Plus, we talk to employees at secretive start-up Omniva to uncover the truth about its backers and crypto legacy.

The fun doesn't stop there.

Learn about quantum computing data centers and laser computing systems. Hear from the frontlines of Germany's efforts to regulate data centers. Get technical with a piece on UPS standards, another on moving beyond PUE, and an explainer on 5G Standalone.

We also discuss the impact of climate change on subsea cables, learn about the EU's space data center study, and hear from both of Aalyria's CTOs about connecting the world.

Oh, and we talk to the guy who invented the mobile phone.

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