The mark of a true “digital enterprise” is its ability to constantly mine for and respond quickly to new-business opportunity, as well as technologic innovation. And it must be able to do this while managing for optimal return on investment. One requires a long-term strategic and capital planning view, the other requires nimbleness and scalability. This is a central conversation of the “Design + Build” track theme of DCD Enterprise, New York City, April 19-20.

“C-suite executives are faced with increasingly complex and fluid strategic planning dynamics,” says Bruce Taylor, DCD executive vice president. “And decisions that are made in the IT, data center and cloud arena now truly determine the business outcomes of the enterprise.” 

“Whether the funding sources be either equity or debt, (they) tend to be most focused on cash flow dynamics, particularly at the gross margin level in SaaS-centric models. The margin on incremental revenue can be very attractive, so being able to convey true scalability is key, along with logical step-function increases in SG&A. There’s no shortage of capital available for solid businesses in the sector.”Scalability as a key to capital?Scalability as a key to capital?Despite the complexity, the seemingly unstoppable growth demand for data center services, whether colo, telco or cloud, means that the sector is still strong for investment, thinks one of the feature speakers on data center finance strategy, Peter Hopper, co-founder and CEO of DH Capital. “Capital remains readily available to fund build-out and expansion of both infrastructure-driven businesses in the sector, as well as more software-centric models,” says Hopper.

George Rockett, DCD CEO and co-founder, says that Hopper’s views will be “highly relevant for executives who need to make decisions in what seems a chaotic planning environment.”

“What we intend with this conference is to help navigate the decision points and identify the resources that can be brought to bear to ease through this tumultuous and uncertain-seeming business period of great change and IT-driven business transformation.”

“For high-value conference content such as the one featuring Peter Hopper,” says Rockett, “Most enterprises will want to have a senior team of strategic planners and decision-makers. That’s specifically why we’ve adopted a “free-to-attend, by-invitation” policy. To qualify your company’s long-term strategic IT capacity and service planning team. 

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