A new data center firm has been set up in Dubai, UAE, with the backing of an unidentified private investment firm.

Edgnex is reportedly backed by an unnamed ‘multi-billion-dollar Dubai property firm,' and the company will be announcing acquisitions, building projects, and partnerships focused on ‘developing local data center facilities in emerging or underserved markets globally.’

“There is a tremendous opportunity in developing the next digital hubs and moving with greater speed and agility when developing local digital infrastructure,” said Thierry Leleu, SVP at Edgnex. “We are committed to accelerating the development of data center facilities in local markets globally.”

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Edgnex lists itself as a ‘wholly-owned subsidiary of a private investment company.’

“While digital hubs have been established in key crossroads and interconnection points across the globe, it is the next digital hubs that have been underserved and overlooked that need digital infrastructure investment,” added Leleu.

“Markets in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and CIS need new levels of data center investment. They are experiencing booming demand driven by rapid digital transformation, accelerating digital economies, and growing internet users. Our goal is to provide a foundation for local innovation across the globe.”

Various members of Edgnex’s executive team have links to DICO Group and DAMAC Properties.

DAMAC Properties is an Emirati property development company, based in Dubai, and its parent company DICO Group is the private investment wing of local billionaire Hussain Sajwani.

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