Netrality Data Centers is expanding its Houston data center in Texas.

netrality 1301 Fannin houston texas.jpg
– Netrality

The company this week announced the expansion of its facility at 1301 Fannin Street; the project will add two new data halls encompassing 17,000 square feet (1,580 sqm) and more than 2.5MW of capacity.

The new data halls will be coming online at the end of summer 2023, and will be equipped with Aligned’s Delta Cube (Delta3) cooling technology.

“This expansion represents a strategic investment in supporting the growth of Houston’s vibrant business community,” said Gerald M. Marshall, president and CEO at Netrality Data Centers. “The expansion of 1301 Fannin serves the region’s growing demand for cutting-edge, secure, high-density, and energy-efficient data center environments, allowing it to remain Houston’s epicenter for innovation and technological advancements.” 

Built in 1984, the 1301 Fannin carrier hotel totals around 1 million sq ft (92,900 sqm) across 25 stories. What was then Netrality Properties acquired the building in 2015 from Griffin Partners, which had owned it for around 10 years and saw the likes of InterNAP and Exxon Mobil occupy space there.

According to the company’s website, the building offers 26MW of utility power and has more than 40 network operators present.