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Mitsubishi has opened a new four-storey data center in Tokyo, Japan, with 14,600 sq m of data center space in the same building complex where it already operates a data center that used to provide a range of services.

It said it now has 40,000 sq m of data center space at the Mitaka Building complex, which incorporates anti-seismic structures built to the highest Japanese standards and uses the latest in energy efficient technologies and design methods.

Mitsubishi said Mitaka City, where the data center is located, is away from active faults and the risk of tsumani, being on high ground and 20km form the coastline.

This makes it a suitable location to provide services for companies looking for cloud and other data center services, demand for which has been growing since the Great East Japan Earthquake and “probability of subsequent disasters”.

The location also has strong transport connections, which was proven during the last disaster, when fuel deliveries were made difficult to other Japanese locations due to transport restrictions.

“There is also a greater call for data centers to come up with strategies that reduce energy consumption and the burden on the environment,” Mitsubishi said.

The data center uses outdoor air cooling systems year round which it said help it achieve a 30% reduction in power consumption in comparison to traditionally cooled data centers.

Mitsubishi claims the facility is the first in central Tokyo to provide complete free cooling, and it expects overall this will help it achieve a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.22 at maximum efficiency.

The facility has been designed to provide 6kVA per rack and has a 2,500kVA diesel power generator with N+1 standby equipment for 72 hours of continuous supply.

IT Frontier, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi, will provide services form the facility, which has space for 2,400 racks.