Microsoft is to use Oracle Cloud for AI inferencing on its Bing search service.

Oracle today announced a multi-year agreement with Microsoft to support the growth of AI services.

Oracle first announced its OpenStack plans at Oracle OpenWorld 2013
– Wikimedia Commons

Microsoft is using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) AI infrastructure, along with Microsoft Azure AI infrastructure, for inferencing of AI models to power Microsoft Bing conversational searches.

“Generative AI is a monumental technological leap and Oracle is enabling Microsoft and thousands of other businesses to build and run new products with our OCI AI capabilities,” said Karan Batta, SVP, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “By furthering our collaboration with Microsoft, we are able to help bring new experiences to more people around the world.”

Microsoft is leveraging Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to orchestrate OCI Compute.

“Microsoft Bing is leveraging the latest advancements in AI to provide a dramatically better search experience for people across the world,” said Divya Kumar, global head of marketing for Search & AI at Microsoft. “Our collaboration with Oracle and use of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure along with our Microsoft Azure AI infrastructure, will expand access to customers and improve the speed of many of our search results.”

Oracle’s release on the news also includes information for OCI Superclusters, suggesting Microsoft is using the service.

Announced in September 2023, Superclusters provide networking, HPC storage, and OCI Compute bare metal instances and are able to support tens of thousands of Nvidia H100 or A100 GPUs in a single cluster.