Google Cloud has hired former Okta executive Oliver Parker to lead a newly formed go-to-market (GTM) organization.

Within the GTM team, Parker will hold the title of VP of AI, reporting to Google Cloud’s president of GTM, Adaire Fox-Martin.

Google Cloud
– Sebastian Moss

The move marks Parker’s second stint working at Google Cloud. Previous to holding the role of senior vice president and general manager at Okta for almost two years, Parker was the vice president Google Cloud for just over four years.

The new GTM team will provide sales support and technical resources to help customers broaden their use of Google Cloud’s AI offerings. This includes Vertex AI and its associated platform offerings such as Model Garden, Doc AI, Context Center AI. Google said the team will consist of new hires alongside existing staff who are already working on AI-related tasks at the company.

Vertex AI is a Google Cloud platform that allows users to test and train machine learning models and build generative AI apps with Google Gemini, a generative AI model developed by Google DeepMind.

“I am thrilled to rejoin Google Cloud to lead the newly formed AI GTM organization,” Parker wrote on LinkedIn. “Cloud computing fundamentally reshaped how organizations leverage technology for their digital transformations, and generative AI presents the next significant advancement.”

“It has the potential to materially revolutionize businesses. At Google Cloud, we are determined to seize this opportunity and empower our customers and partners to unlock new efficiencies, create groundbreaking solutions, and redefine what’s possible,” he added.