Microsoft has signed a major renewable energy framework deal with Brookfield.

The Financial Times reports Microsoft has agreed to invest an estimated $10 billion in renewable electricity projects to be developed by Brookfield Asset Management.

– Engie

The “global framework agreement” signed by the cloud company is a commitment to bring 10.5 gigawatts of generating capacity online.

The FT said the deal will finance the development of large new wind and solar farms to be built between 2026 and 2030, beginning in the US and Europe.

Further details of the agreement weren't shared.

Brookfield told the FT the deal was about eight times larger than the previous single biggest corporate renewable electricity purchase agreement; a deal between the mining company Rio Tinto and an Australian solar farm.

“Microsoft wants to use our influence and purchasing power to create lasting positive impact for all electricity consumers,” Adrian Anderson, Microsoft’s general manager for renewables, told the publication.

El Economista added that Spanish renewable energy firm X-Elio is a part of the deal, but didn’t provide more details.

“This one has been a lot of fun to work on,” James Phillips, director of global PPA and origination at Brookfield, said on LinkedIn. “Through the global framework agreement, Brookfield and Microsoft will contract over 10GW of new build renewable capacity in the US and Europe before 2030. We have huge plans to build on our existing c.33 GW of global renewable operating assets, and it's partnerships like this that will make it happen!”

Microsoft has more than 5GW of data center capacity in operation and expects to add 1GW of server power over the next six months, followed by 1.5GW of new data center capacity in the first half of 2025.

The company is already one of the world’s largest corporate buyers of renewable energy, and in a job posting recently said it has more than 20GW of renewable energy under contract.

It is also rumored to be considering a 5GW supercomputer for OpenAI.