Microsoft is planning to purchase an additional 1,030 acres at its Mount Pleasant campus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Regional economic development officials said on November 10 that the company would be purchasing the remainder of the parcel where Microsoft is building data centers, as well as parcels to the west and north of the site that were previously controlled by Foxconn, which is giving up options of the land.

Announced by Governor Tony Evers, this expansion will also represent the investment of "billions of dollars" at the site over the next decade.

Mount Pleasant Microsoft site
– Google Maps

In addition to the Foxconn-owned land, Microsoft hopes to acquire 400 acres of privately-owned farmland.

The transaction to expand the Wisconsin Innovation Park remains dependent on approval from the village and Racine County. Terms of the land purchase will be put before the village board on November 13, and Racine County Board on November 14. Votes will be counted on the 27 and 28 November, respectively.

If approved, it is expected to add a property value of $1.4 billion to the site by 2028.

Microsoft further intends to invest $4.2 million in restoring 1.5 miles of Lamparek Creek, $100,000 in water restoration efforts throughout the county, and $200,000 to support education in STEM subjects in the county.

"Microsoft’s injection of billions of dollars to expand its operations in Mount Pleasant will have a positive impact that will be felt in the region and across our state for years, and I cannot wait for this partnership to continue to strengthen and develop as this effort moves forward," said Governor Evers.

The company broke ground on the Wisconsin development in September 2023, only six months after announcing plans for the project.

Prior to plans for the Microsoft campus, the site was purchased by Foxconn in 2017 with plans for a manufacturing facility that would generate over 10,000 jobs. In the following years, however, the Foxconn project only delivered 1,454 jobs and investment in the site fell far below what Foxconn previously promised - at $672.8 million, rather than $10 billion.

Microsoft acquired a large parcel of land outside Columbus, Ohio, earlier this month. The company purchased 580 acres of land for $30.65 million.