Microsoft is planning a new data center campus in west Sydney, Australia.

First reported by AFR, the company is aiming to build a $1.3 billion campus at Kemps Creek, in a new industrial estate being developed by Frasers and local fund manager Altis Property Partners in New South Wales. AFR reports that Microsoft is planning for a 190MW facility over 14.4 hectares.

MS Kemps creek Sydney Aus.png
– NSW Government

According to Government documents, the Kemps Creek data center site at Mamre Road within Penrith would include two two-story data hall buildings, an office, an on-site substation, and 61 generators. The entire site comprises a total area of approximately 17.38 hectares.

The data halls will total around 65,354 sqm; one of the documents reports that design is currently underway for two 48MW centers, with a third data center being designated as a future build for a total of 144MW capacity.

Microsoft currently operates three Australian Azure cloud regions in New South Wales, Victoria, and Canberra; the first two regions opened in 2014, the latter in 2018.

AirTrunk, Macquarie Data Centres, NextDC, and DCI are all developing largescale data centers in Sydney.

All of the major cloud players have a presence in Australia. This year Google opened a new GCP region in Melbourne, Victoria; its second in the country.

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