Mavenir Telecom will provide its software to power Bermuda's newest mobile operator Paradise Mobile.

This will include providing the support of Paradise Mobile's 4G and 5G networks, with this network being built from the ground up.

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Paradise is set to launch commercial services across Bermuda later this year, with its network based fully on the cloud.

Mavenir will help Paradise to provide its mobile services across the island, including its Open RAN-based radios, converged package core, BSS, IMS, and voice products.

Last year, Mavenir revealed that it was working with Google Cloud to deploy cloud-native 5G solutions.

"We look forward to bringing cutting-edge technology and experiences, real consumer choice, and competition when we launch in Bermuda in 2023. The partnership between Paradise Mobile and Mavenir in Bermuda is the first announcement in a series of network modernizations planned across other islands," said Sam Tabbara, co-founder and CEO at Paradise Mobile.

Tabbara, formerly of Bell Canada, co-founded the company in 2019 to compete with Digicel and One Communications.

In a LinkedIn post, Mavenir's president and CEO, Pardeep Kohli, revealed that the company added 30 new RAN customers last year, while revenue in this sector grew to $100 million, from just $7m in 2020.

He also noted that the company has nearly 8,000 live Open RAN sites in operation. The company recently announced its latest Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solution, which combines its Open Virtualized RAN, Converged Packet Core, and OpenBeam portfolio of radio units.

Bermuda hit by a major Internet outage

Bermuda was hit by a major Internet and power outage last week, which impacted the island's Internet and phone service availability.

First reported by Bleeping Computer, Bermuda's sole electricity provider Belco worked around the clock to restore power, with the outage appearing to last around an hour and a half.

The Bermudan government labeled the outage as a "serious incident" via Twitter at around 8:30 pm local time, with Belco noting that all power was restored by 9:50 pm on February 3, 2023.

“I sincerely apologize to our customers for the inconvenience caused by today’s outage. We will be carrying out a root cause analysis on today’s outage and will report on the outcome in due course. Let me thank our staff at Belco who acted quickly and professionally to ensure that power was restored as quickly and safely as possible," said Belco president Wayne Caines in a statement.

According to Belco, an investigation found that an equipment fault caused the outage. Prior to this, Belco's last major island-wide power outage happened in December 2020.

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