Mavenir has unveiled the availability of its latest Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solution, which combines its Open Virtualized RAN, Converged Packet Core, and OpenBeam portfolio of radio units.

According to Mavenir, the FWA solution can be deployed on public, private, and hybrid clouds.

– Wikimedia/Mavenir

The company says that its offering can provide a "competitive solution in a low-footprint deployment that leverages public and private cloud infrastructure".

Mavenir also revealed that its FWA solution delivers high throughput, differentiated QoS control, geo-restriction, home-zoning, differentiated charging, and advanced power savings.

More significantly its FWA solution supports 4G, 5G NSA (non-standalone), and 5G SA deployments, while Mavenir highlighted its ability to support massive MIMO radio technology and 5G millimeter wave frequency bands to provide gigabit downlink speeds to multiple users in the same coverage area.

Because it's able to be deployed on any cloud, Mavenir claims that this speeds up the deployment of the FWA solution while also reducing CapEx and OpEx costs.

"5G and Open RAN transform the Fixed Wireless Access space to make it easier and more feasible to connect the unconnected and foster much-needed competition,” said BG Kumar, President of Access Networks and Platforms, Mavenir.

“The combination of Mavenir’s award-winning Converged Packet Core and Open Virtualized RAN solutions, with the OpenBeam broad portfolio of radios enables mobile operators to position themselves as an affordable and reliable alternative to cable and fiber deployments in rural, suburban, and even urban settings.”

Mavenir notes that several companies have already deployed its FWA solution, including 360 Communications, RINA Wireless, and Triangle Communications in the US, plus Internet service provider Quickline in the United Kingdom.

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