LuxConnect, the Luxembourg-based colocation provider, has opened its fourth Tier IV data center.

The new 5,500 sq m (60,000 sq ft) data center, an extension to LuxConnect’s original Bettembourg campus, was opened in August. Last week, the building was completed with a new joint reception area.  The new data center is connected to the old one via an aerial walkway which has fire-doors at each end and a fire-suppression system which would prevent the spread of any conflagration.

lux connect dc1 3
New data center DC 1.3

Running on green

LuxConnect’s other data centers are powered by green energy rumored to be bought from Norway, but the Luxembourg Government suggested that this one should use local renewable energy from biomass (wood waste).

The new LuxConnect data center is adjacent to a plant which re-cycles wooden pallets so LuxConnect built another cooling station which converts the energy which runs all the data center’s power and cooling. The recycling plant sits opposite the new data center and is connected directly via massive underground pipes.

Talking to DCD on-site yesterday Claude Demuth, business development manager of LuxConnect said: “Luxembourg has many benefits which we are confident will attract many more of the large organisations similar to those we already service.

”Apart from a stable and business-friendly environment we have a very favorable legal and regulatory framework, are cloud-friendly – being the first country offering data reversibility – and have the highest concentration of Tier IV N+1 data centers in the world.

Demuth said: “Luxembourg has over 28 different fiber routes into the country provided by companies including Tier 1 carriers such as such as BT, Cogent, Level3, Telefonica, TeliaSonera, Verizon, NTT Communications and AT&T. We already have some of the world’s biggest online companies working from Luxembourg such as Amazon Web Services. We have direct low latency circuits from Luxembourg to data centers in Brussels, Frankfurt, Kehl, Saarbrucken, Amsterdam, Paris, Strasbourg, London and Slough.”

Two thirds of Luxembourg’s data center floor space is Tier IV certified. Approximately one third of European Tier IV data centers are located in Luxembourg.

Like its predecessor, this new data center is entirely covered in a Faraday cage to protect the facility from hostile or accidental electromagnetic pulse (EMP) incidents